Very Old Windows Pond Down the Hill Around the Neighborhood Rushes

I found a couple of old houses on road where I live.  The houses had windows that transformed with light, objects floated free.  The inner house and the windows beyond floated under the reflections of the windows themselves.  Rules were broken. I spent five years walking to those windows, shooting them in the winter when to bring up the inner houses and in the high spring when the windows were mirrors. I had this idea about the windows, being trapped in a house, just shadows of what is going on in the world beyond, located in between. There is the outside that is beautiful or a mystery, and there is an internal space that might be mystery of what I think is there.  And I could be on the outside or inside or moving between those two places.

The pond down the hill went from pictorial image to composite.  Images of sky and the water are broken down into their separate components that float above and below each other, and it’s a mystery how they connect.

The rushes are single series of abstract composites and again, the theme is mystery. The rushes fade into colors of the sky or land, transform into abstract symbols of themselves, pull me inside or make me a viewer on the outside. They become simple shapes that are purified and isolated, floating in space.

The farm across the road is an ongoing project about seasons and light that will be several years in the making. The land goes from the crispness of summer to the low gold light of winter to the spring mists where they go green again. The subject is changes in the color of land with light and time. 


2020, selected artist, "Street Photography Around the World" exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography Gallery

2018, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

2017, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

2016, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

2016, winner Rhode Island State Council of the Arts, "Art in Public Spaces" photography competition


2019-present: created and taught Introduction to Photoshop, weekly, with the non-profit On Island Arts Collaborative and Island Free Library, Block Island, Rhode Island