Robin Bell shoots three things. They are all on the road where she lives on Block Island, Rhode Island.  The three things are the pond down the hill, the field across the road and a couple of farm houses next door.  

The interesting thing about shooting three things on Block Island, for example, is knowing the farmhouses so well that she can shoot at the exact slice of time in a year that's right--when the sun is level and the light blows both through and against their windows. The windows have their original hand-blown glass, and over time the glass has slid and rippled in their frames.  At that moment, five planes in space overlay each other:  the window, a reflection, the dark interior, the blazing window across the room and the trees and sky beyond that.  The shapes inside and outside break into patches of color that blend together. One of the houses was built by a sea captain who circled the globe and came home, going blind. I imagine the images are the way all the generations after saw the wide world beyond, to their end, as a mystery with a few touchstones to know where they were.

The pond and it's rushes, down the hill, are abstract deconstructions.  Water and clouds are broken down and reconnected.  Rushes float amid the colors where they grow.  Yet still, unconventionally, they relate the way the broken images of the windows do. 

The third thing, the field across the road, consists of nearly 30 acres of farmland that ends at the the sea.   The simplicity of that space speaks for itself.

Robin is a physician who splits her time between Block Island and  NYC.  She studies photography at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts.


2016, finalist, Rhode Island State Council of the Arts Contest, photography division

2016, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

2017, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

2018, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI

Volunteer work:

2019, photo-editing and graphic design skills for islanders, On Island arts collaborative, Island Free Library, Block Island, Rhode Island

2019, photo review seminars for islanders, Spring Street Gallery, Block Island, RI